Step-by-Step TUTORIAL on How to photograph Jewellery | DIY

In this video you will find a STEP-BY-STEP Tutorial on how to Photograph your jewellery by yourself and get professional looking pictures for your website and social media to boost your sales and attract attention.




Choose a place close to the window with the natural light. The image colours will look more natural and your jewellery stand out better.


Use tripod to get sharper pictures and get consistency in the images.


Make your camera ready. Clean the lens, charge batteries, make sure you got enough memory space in your SD card. If you got Canon DSLR camera, I recommend using Canon 50mm prime lens. It’s sharp and gives a lovely blur in the background helping the jewellery to stand out.


Try to learn the main settings of your camera (read the manual!). It’s best to use Manual settings or Aperture Priority (AV). Try to not overexpose the images as you’ll lose some details.


Choose a couple of textured card paper. A4 (regular) size paper should be enough. Use pastel colours or bright solid colours depending on your style and branding.


Choose few props for your photo shoot. Jewellery displays, interesting items like marble tiles (you can get them at the tile, bathroom shops, B&Q). For additional decorations use gems and beads.


Take few photos of the same item from different angle. Set up the scene on the cardboard paper and then turn it around for different view without moving the tripod.


Like this you’ll get different lighting as well. It will be front, back or side light. Side light is great to emphasise the details creating a shadow. Back light gives lovely catchlights on the gemstones and shinny metals. Find what works best for you.


Introduce plants and photograph from the top for the flat images. These shots are great for Instagram, Pinterest and all social media posts. They are eye catching and look gorgeous.


To layout the chain use something round like a glass.




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21st birthday | Swansea, South Wales Photography

Hannah’s mum  emailed me to enquire about the makeover photo shoot for her and her two daughters. She was planing a surprise for her daughter’s 21st birthday!

I love organised people. What an amazing thing to do for someone – to show you want to capture them for all the times.

They came on a special day, had their hair and makeup done. Hannah wanted to wear her 21st birthday crown. She looked BEAUTIFUL. Her joy was beaming from inside.

It was such a pleasure photographing these ladies and creating heirloom for their home.

Celebrating Life with a Portrait

Rasa xxx

Hannah 21 Rasa Mombeini

Rasa Mombeini 21 birthday Swansea makeover photography 2Rasa Mombeini 21 birthday Swansea makeover photography 3Rasa Mombeini 21 birthday Swansea makeover photography 4Rasa Mombeini 21 birthday Swansea makeover photography 5Rasa Mombeini 21 birthday Swansea makeover photography 6Rasa Mombeini 21 birthday Swansea makeover photographyimage

Makeup by talented Agi May | Find her on Facebook  

Photography by Rasa Mombeini

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Christmas Mini Photo Sessions | Swansea, South Wales

‘White Christmas’ Mini Photo Sessions in Swansea based photography studio. A limited number of photo sessions are available so book early! Msg or call now 07972585506. Photo session fee is only £55 and that includes a portrait, digital file, and … Continue reading

Family photography | Swansea, South Wales

Rasa Mombeini Makeover photo session Swansea 3Ilona Blazaitiene 2017-10RASAFamily photography Swansea Rasa Mombeini

It’s that time of year when the word ‘Christmas’ is back in the air. My children yesterday put on the Christmas songs and cinnamon smell candles! It’s totally in the air.

And it’s that time of the year when you have to think about the tradition of taking your family pictures  every year. So you can record how children are growing and everyone are changing.

If you are planning to come to me for a family photo shoot for Christmas gifts than it’s the best time to book your space as the photo shoots are limited and you definitely don’t want to leave it for the last minute.

Family photos are great as framed portraits to give to the grandparents and greeting cards to send to all your relatives and friends, and have a beautiful piece of art on your wall.  Just as a reminder for children and yourself that you always belong here, in this FAMILY, whatever happens.

Rasa Mombeini Family photography 01 Swansea

Headshot photography | Swansea, South Wales

Couple days ago I got an inquiry for a headshot photo shoot. It sounded urgent, as the headshot had to be uploaded somewhere ‘yesterday’! I can’t turn back the time but I can accept urgent photo shoots. So, Cris came … Continue reading

Portrait Photography Studio| Swansea, South Wales

I’m so glad I have this beautiful photography studio in Swansea city centre.

On the day this family came for a photo shoot, it was raining. Just like it does on the most of the days here in Wales. I used to photograph on location only when I started. But now I’m so lucky to have this amazing place where I can welcome families as big as there is (the biggest group I had in my studio was 14!), sun or rain.

This beautiful family gathered together for Jonathan’s graduation ceremony. He just finished studies at Swansea University and now is ready for the new chapter in his life.

That’s an important reason to celebrate. Every achievement is worth celebrating. And it’s best to celebrate with a portrait.

This family ordered a book with all the pictures from the photo shoot. What a keepsake to keep!

While I was photographing the graduate, his mum was having a full makeover here at the studio.

Then all joined in for a family portrait which I’m sure will become their family heirloom.


graduation Rasa Mombeini Photography Swanseamakeover Swansea photographer Rasa MombeiniMen headshot photography Swansea Rasa MombeiniGraduation-2RASA

Did someone say Christmas?! | Family photography | Swansea, South Wales

15 Weeks until Christmas!
That means Christmas photo season is almost upon us! Are you ready?
Family portraits can be taken at our studio or on location, or to make it even more personal it can be done at your house!
Beat the Christmas rush and get them done now!

Msg or call to book 07972585506

Rasa Mombeini Makeover photo session Swansea 3

Newborn Photography | Swansea, South Wales

That’s where the Story starts… And the beginning of the Story is so short that if you’ll not capture it the memories will be gone forever.

Swansea Newborn photography Rasa MombeiniSwansea Newborn photography 2 Rasa Mombeini

James by Rasa Mombeini

Call to book a photo session 07972 585506 |