Headshot photography | Swansea, South Wales

Couple days ago I got an inquiry for a headshot photo shoot. It sounded urgent, as the headshot had to be uploaded somewhere ‘yesterday’! I can’t turn back the time but I can accept urgent photo shoots. So, Cris came in to my studio yesterday and in 15 minutes we had these beautiful headshots taken, edited and uploaded to where they had to be.

Meet beautiful, kind, clever and intelligent Cris.

headshot photography Swansea Rasa Mombeini More JoyRasa Mombeini Swansea photography studio More JoyRasa Mombeini More Joy headshot women photography SwanseaSwansea photography More Joy Rasa Mombeini

Here is Cris’ Twitter account – the Online Grooming Project that aims at preventing OG by investigating & informing carers, teachers, ONGs, the police, etc, on the key aspects of OG linguistic behaviour  https://twitter.com/OGroomingLRCSwa

Give me a call when you need to renew your headshot.

First impression counts! Put your best foot forward 😉

www.rasamombeini.com | 07972 585506 | info@rasamombeini.com




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