Fancy Vintage China? by Rasa Mombeini / Swansea portrait photographer

So sometimes, when your friend gives you a call and ask to be a model for her vintage aprons, what do you say?

I say YES

Love vintage little things.

Becca from Fancy Vintage China is obsessed with vintage things, but what I love about her that she choses only the best ones. {always remember – Quality not Quantity} Go to her Instagram and look at those colours! Her photographs are so inspiring. I would love to have this pretty china at my home. Need to take some lessons from Becca of choosing the best.

So back to the apron.

I had to be a model wearing handmade Vintage Apron!

fancy vintage china

I noticed from films in olden days women were wearing high heals and pretty dresses at home. Maybe it’s only in films but how exciting is that?! I’ll try to be more prettier at home from now and practice my high heal walking 🙂

Have you got yours? 😉

Stay fabulous

Rasa xxx

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